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Co-ops / Internships

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C Speed

Based primarily in Liverpool, NY there are two main facets to C Speed, LLC.

Engineering Services

Engineering performed on behalf of other companies, serving industries including medical devices, radar systems, digital inspection, test & measurement, internet of things (IoT), digital video, professional & consumer audio, and digital image processing.  Services we offer include:

  • Software Development: C Speed does software – from the lowest-level embedded firmware to end-user applications and web services. We write the code that processes, interfaces, and glues systems together from top to bottom.

  • Hardware Engineering: C Speed has extensive experience in system architecture, analog hardware design, COTS or custom component integration, and testing. From high-speed circuitry to FPGAs, we can design and build the custom hardware and system solutions to meet your needs.

  • Digital Design: Digital design is more than just VHDL and Verilog - it's having the experience and ability to build high-quality implementations that form the foundations for your products. With our expertise, C Speed is the right partner for your digital design needs.

  • Mechanical Engineering: Our Mechanical Engineering talent can make sure your final product meets all its physical real-world needs - from packaging and heat, to manufacturability, ruggedization and fit and finish.


Radar Systems
  • LightWave Radar: C Speed’s S Band, Solid-State Primary Surveillance Radar fuses C Speed's family of LightWave radar subsystems into a low cost, high performance radar system.   It is well-suited to several missions including In-Fill / Gap-Fill, Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation (WTRIM), Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), addressing Cumulative Effect, and more.

  • Radar Upgrades: The C Speed team has decades of experience in designing Upgrades and executing Service Life Extension Programs (SLEPs) to existing radar systems; developing and applying new technology and integrating it with legacy surveillance systems.

What We're Looking For

We’re looking for tinkerers and problem solvers.  Curious people who are ready and willing to learn new things.  If you’ve ever tried to program your own video game, connect your microwave to your computer, or just get a kick out of pushing the boundaries of software and hardware, we are looking for you.

Positions Available
  • Software Engineering co-ops 

  • Software Quality Assurance co-op


Desired Majors (including, but not limited to)
  • Computer Science

  • Software Engineering

  • Computer Engineering

What You'd Do

If your idea of an internship is getting coffee and making copies, look elsewhere.  Our co-ops/interns do real engineering.  Work that is published, work that makes money, work that matters.  Projects our co-ops and interns have worked on include

  • GUI, Firmware, and Application Development for products used by real engineers and professionals around the world.

  • Developing internal tools to improve manufacturing processes and efficiency.

Engineering co-ops/internships are also a great way to find a job you like, test your skills, and get a jump-start on your career.  Many of C Speed’s full-time employees started out as co-ops or interns at C Speed.

How to Join

If you’d like to join us, stop by and visit us during your school’s in-person or virtual career fair to get to know us a little better and express your interest.

Note: For co-ops/internships please contact us directly through the applicable school career fair/center methods and not at

Upcoming events we are participating in:

Clarkson University Career Fair - February 8, 2023

RIT Career Fair - March 8, 2023

How to Join
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