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The LightWave S Band, Solid-State Primary Surveillance Radar fuses C Speed's family of LightWave radar subsystems into a low cost, high performance radar system.  LightWave is a flexible 360° air surveillance platform which can operate in either Low or High PRF modes.  It is well-suited to several missions including In-Fill / Gap-Fill, Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation (WTRIM), Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), addressing Cumulative Effect, and more.  When in High PRF, Doppler configuration it is an extremely effective sensor that permits very difficult problems to be solved – such as mitigating high clutter effects that plague traditional radar systems.


Radar Upgrades

The C Speed team has decades of experience in designing Upgrades and executing Service Life Extension Programs (SLEPs) to existing radar systems; developing and applying new technology and integrating it with legacy surveillance systems.  Our programs have covered a wide variety of systems including 2D/3D, short/long range, ATC and Defense radars.  Solutions are often tailor-fit to the particular needs of each customer including civilian and defense agencies around the world.  These upgrades provide an extremely cost-effective solution to extend the practical lifespan of these valuable assets while simultaneously improving performance & reliability and reducing maintenance costs & downtime.