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Why Use C Speed?

... because you deserve value

We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest possible value in everything we do for our clients. We don't want to just deliver a product or service to you, but provide the extra piece of mind and added value that helps you best achieve your overall business goals, not just your technical engineering needs. Here are just some of the ways we strive to set ourselves apart and do all we can to help you.

Complete-Package Development Capabilities

We can provide engineers to augment the development effort of your project team, but you can also take advantage of any of our skills such as: engineering and project management, software development, hardware design and prototyping, product test and quality assurance.  Leverage all of these for a complete turn-key project, or pick and choose to have a one-stop shop of skills tailored to your needs.

Experience and Reliability

C Speed has a proud track record of low turnover and long retention that allows us to build up a core team of highly experienced and practiced engineers.  This lets us become experts in understanding your products and needs.  In many cases our engineers have supported customers and their product lines for 10 years or more, so C Speed isn't just a one-time resource, but a long-term solution and support provider.

Our team has a proven history of product development success. We take your project personally and find our satisfaction in seeing your product succeed in the marketplace. At C Speed, we don’t consider ourselves successful until you are successful – and that’s why you can rely on us to take care of your project like you would.


We all know communication is key and C Speed puts this to practice in all our efforts.  You want to confirm you're getting exactly what you need, but also understand the progress and trade-offs along the way.  We communicate regularly on all aspects of the project, not just to share status, but to listen closely to your needs and concerns. Our staff is trained to keep their eyes open and think outside the box so we can anticipate problems or even suggest improvements that could save time, money, or enhance the product.  Now that's added value.

Interface & Integrate

When it comes to your project you deserve to be fully involved and aware of what's going on, so we make communication and visibility a priority with every customer interface and at all levels from project management to engineering details.

We know success isn't achieved by working in a bubble, and that parallelization only works when you can integrate quickly and properly. Our teams are practiced at interfacing closely with a customer's own engineering team, or even integrating within their groups so that we can become a seamless and efficient extension of your ongoing efforts.  Time and again C Speed has delivered software and hardware components that have integrated easily with customer's in-house developed components to maximize the benefits of parallel development and even amplify the performance of each team.

Adaptable to Procedures & Standards

Our teams are experienced at applying a variety of procedures and standards to fit many industries and domains. We can adapt to follow your industry standards and corporate procedures so you get exactly what you're used to; or we can apply our own practiced & proven methodologies to your project as needed.

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